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Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative (WNYICC) is a multi-county network of governmental agencies and community-based organizations; we are strategically positioned to respond to and capitalize on regional opportunities to advance community-based integrated care.

Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative is changing the health care scenario!

We have teamed up with community agencies from around WNY to develop regional community-based programs which can help Western New Yorkers learn how to manage  their conditions and help improve their health! 

NOW when local Western New Yorkers are diagnosed with a chronic condition, physicans can refer them to WNYICC for community-based programs and services, such as CHOOSE HEALTHY WNY Self-Management Programs, our CDC-Recognized Diabetes Prevention Program, our Care Coordination Health Coaching Program  and our Healthy IDEAS depression management program- to help them learn how to make those lifestyle changes and feel confident in their ability to manage their health.!

We are changing how healthcare is provided.

Everyday WNYICC is working to develop our network and programs and to collaboratively navigate the changing healthcare landscape together with providers and the Western New York community.

Contact Us: In writing: 742 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209  By phone: 716-431-5100 Email: [email protected]