Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative (WNYICC)

WNYICC is the Network Lead Entity for our regional Community Integrated Health Network.


Our Programs impact the following:

  Neighborhood and Living Environment
  • Food As Medicine Programs: addressing food insecurity
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Meal Delivery
  • Home Repairs
  • Housing resources
  • Transportation linkages
  • Legal linkages
  Health Education
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Programs
  • Evidence-based Self-Management Programs
  • Community Health Coaching
  Community / Social Needs
  • Social Isolation / Depression-Management Program: Healthy IDEAS
  • Fitness / social workshops
  • Care management/coordination
  Economic Stability
  • Community Health Coaching
  • Coordination of Resources/Services
  • Benefits counseling and access
  • Linkages to programs
  Healthcare Access and Quality
  • Linkages with Health care Providers and Systems
  • Benefits counseling and Access
  • Community Health Coaching
  • Evidence-based Programs 


Healthcare Plans and Providers:

Contracting with health plans and provider groups now.

Contact WNYICC at: 716-431-5100 or  https://www.wnyicc.org/Contact