Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative (WNYICC)

WNYICC is the Network Lead Entity for our regional Community Integrated Health Network.


WNYICC's service delivery network provides programs and services to positively impact our community.

Our Network's programs and services meet people in their home and at community settings to help to address the Social Determinants of Health to improve quality of life.


Our Programs impact the following:

  Neighborhood and Living Environment
  • Food As Medicine Programs: addressing food insecurity
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Meal Delivery
  • Home Repairs
  • Housing resources
  • Transportation linkages
  • Legal linkages
  Health Education
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Programs
  • Evidence-based Self-Management Programs
  • Community Health Coaching
  Community / Social Needs
  • Social Isolation / Depression-Management Program: Healthy IDEAS
  • Fitness / social workshops
  • Care management/coordination
  Economic Stability
  • Community Health Coaching
  • Coordination of Resources/Services
  • Benefits counseling and access
  • Linkages to programs
  Healthcare Access and Quality
  • Linkages with Health care Providers and Systems
  • Benefits counseling and Access
  • Community Health Coaching
  • Evidence-based Programs 


Healthcare Plans and Providers:

Contracting with health plans and provider groups now.

Contact WNYICC at: 716-431-5100 or  https://www.wnyicc.org/Contact