Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy

A WNYICC Food As Medicine Program

  • WNYICC's Medical Nutrition Therapy provides expert nutrition counseling from Local, Credentialed Registered Dietitians (RD).
  • Our RD's assess nutrition-risk AND Health-related social needs.
  • Being connected to local community-based organizations, our RDs seamlessly refer clients to additional services, as needed.
  • We integrate with client's clinical care.  Primary Care Physicians are sent a report on their referred patient's progress in the MNT Program.

MNT helps people Improve their health through Nutrition!

  100%  of participants increased the amount of vegetables eaten per week.

 92% made changes in their eating habits after working with the RD.

 62% increased amount of physical activity per week.

  67% of those At Risk for Malnutrition improved to Normal Nutrition status.

  62% were referred to a community program to address unmet needs.

  69% developed a meal plan with the RD.  91% continued to follow plan 3+ months.


Current health insurance plans accepted:
  • Independent Health Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Independent Health Commercial Plans


Enroll in MNT or Ask us a Question:

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