Published on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Happy, Healthy New Year from WNY Integrated Care Collaborative!

Hello My Friends and greetings from wintery Western New York!

In WNY we love our 4 seasons. Each season gives us new beauties and time to pursue different activities. Winter finds many in our area playing in the snow, whether skiing or snowshoeing or snowmobiling; many others of us prefer indoor activities like reading by the fire, showing grandchildren a new recipe, playing or cheering on basketball or doing in-home 'Yoga with Adriene'. 

At WNY Integrated Care Collaborative, while in  Spring and Summer we travel to conferences and hold meetings and trainings around the region to learn and share best practices of developing regional community health programs; Ol' Man Winter allows time for us to look internally at our own best  practices and to plan for the New Year. 

I am excited to welcome our newest Network Partner, People Inc., to the WNYICC fold!  With years of providing quality community-based services and programs to many WNY citizens, People Inc. fits right into to WNYICC's mission of "changing the way healthcare is provided" - through programs like CHOOSE HEALTHY WNY and CHOOSE HEALTHY WNY with DIABETES.

Western New Yorkers are tough and resiliant. We have overcome and thrived in many a long winter  and we know that, as the City and Region of Good Neighbors,  we will overcome and thrive on improving the health of the Western New York region together with our friends.

Yours in Health,