Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative


At WNYICC we are connecting people with health care providers and community programs and services. We are a regional collaborative of community-based organizations and county agencies throughout the eight counties in Western New York with a mission of improving the way healthcare is delivered.

People WIN!

  • Improved health outcomes
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced health disparities
  • Social Determinants of Health addressed


           Healthcare Providers & Health Plans WIN!

  • One-stop contracting & billing center
  • Outcome data with improved quality metrics
  • Reduce costs of care
  • Flexible programming meets your patients’/members’ needs
  • Tier 1 CBO experienced with Value-Based Contracts


CBOs & Social Care Agencies WIN!

  • Increase Referrals 
  • Program Sustainability
  • Trainings and Technical Support
  • Administrative Support: Contracting, Billing, Negotiating