Post-Discharge Meals Program


WNYICC has partnered with Independent Health to administer the health plan’s Post-Discharge Meal Program for eligible Medicare Advantage members who have had at least one overnight stay in an eligible medical facility.

 The Post-Discharge Meals Program provides:

·       14 days of meals (2 meals per day)

·       Delivered to member’s home daily (in-person) or via postal mail


·        "Very nice benefit... It was great not to have to cook those days [after being discharged]. I was able to rest more, which I needed."

·        "I feel it was a great experience. This introduces people to Meals on Wheels. It gave my family a pleasant break from cooking my meals. Thank you!"

·        "I received the 14 days of meals through Independent Health. Then, I ordered 2 more weeks of meals on my own, as I was still not up to preparing meals and shopping."

 How to Receive the Meals if You are Eligible:

·       Eligible Independent Health Members can activate their benefit by contacting an Independent Health RedShirt at (716) 529-3945, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. they will be happy to help you get started in the program. 


 Providers, if your patient has an Independent Health Medicare Advantage plan and was recently discharged from a quaified medical facility, please complete the intake referral form located at this link.